Child Reads World is visiting the Republic of Korea (대한민국), also known as South Korea. it is the southern part of the Korean peninsula. the official language is Korean and the written language is Hangul, although it also uses Hanja (Chinese characters). Continue reading

JAPAN (1 book)

Child Reads World says “こんにちは” / “Kon’nichiwa” / “hello!” to Japan! it is an island located in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by China, Korea, Russia, China and Taiwan. the national language is Japanese. its written form has 3 versions: (1) words written phonetically (Hirugana), (2) words using Chinese characters (Kanji) and (3) words using characters representing “foreign” words (Katakana). Continue reading

FRANCE (3 books)

Comment allez-vous France?” from Child Reads World. in Western Europe, France is the shape of an hexagon and spans Atlantic and Mediterranian coastlines, surrounded by  Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Andorra, Suriname, Brazil, Andorra and Kingdom of the Netherlands. the flag is blue white red vertical and the capital is Paris. Continue reading

BELGIUM (1 book)

Child Reads World‘s introduction to Belgium comes in three languages: Dutch, French and German. it makes sense because it borders France, Luxemburg, Germany and the Netherlands. Belgium seceded from the Netherlands in 1830. and it was admitted to the United Nations on December 27, 1945. Belgium has around 11 million people. the capital of Belgium is Brussels, the flag is black/yellow/red and currency is the Euro. its motto is: Continue reading