“Hug Me” by Simona CIRAOLO

i found Simona Ciraolo’s Hug Me for Child Reads World and introduced it to  crw a month ago but it got shuffled in with the rest of our home book collection. this week for UK’s Book Trust Children’s Book Week, i made the “book of the week”.

"Hug Me" by Simona Ciraolo.
author and Illustrator:
Simona Ciraolo

United Kingdom (London) and U.S. (New York) editions
– title: “Hug Me
– © Flying Eye Books, 2014


the premise of the story is about a little cactus named Felipe who was in need of a little emotional connection: a hug. unfortunately his family weren’t the touchy feely type. so Felipe seeks the connection with another but being a cactus, others are wary and those who come close suffers the consequences. so he expects to live a solitary life … until he met someone who was looking for the same connection he was looking for.

crw empathized with Felipe for feeling sad and lonely but may not fully understand why others are wary of being near Felipe (and family) so i plan to bring crw to see and maybe (carefully) touch the plant. at the end of the book crw usually says “more” and even though there’s no more text, my little one enjoys looking at the back cover page illustrators to know more about Felipe and his new friend.

personally, i feel Hug Me a beautiful book that speaks volumes about the power of a hug. i also like that when Felipe and his friend hugs in the end, i get to hug crw again and again!

a little bit about the United Kingdom


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