“Press Here” / “Un livre” by Hervé TULLET

a year ago, i read Hervé Tullet’s Help I Need A Title! i loved it! crw was not even 1 years old yet and the book is for an older child but i knew one day i would share it with my little one and and i would include some in Child Reads World‘s booklist.

"Press Here" / "Un Livre" by Herve Tullet

“Press Here” / “Un Livre” by Herve Tullet

there was no problem finding another book by Hervé Tullet’s because he has written many! so i started crw with Press HereUn Livre, a wonderfully interactive books that let’s gets kids involved with the books.

crw is tapping, counting, moving, shaking and then seeing the circles changing, growing and moving. it’s learning without the knowledge of learning. all my little one wants is to read / do it again!


image from herve-tullet.com

image from herve-tullet.com

author: Hervé Tullet

U.S edition
– title: “Press Here
– © Chronicle Books, 2011
– translated by: Christopher Franceschelli

Original French edition
– title: “Un livre
– © Bayard Jeunesse, 2010


several books by Hervé Tullet that have been translated into English are easily accessible in bookstores and online. since crw‘s dad learned French, i wanted to pick up the original French versions of the books. unfortunately those were a little harder and more expensive to obtain. but i picked them up and i look forward to sharing them with crw.

a little bit about France


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