“Mix It Up” / “Couleurs” by Hervé TULLET

the second book from Hervé Tullet that i introduced crw to is Mix It Up / Couleurs for Child Reads World. while the French title of the book translates as “Colors” but i can understand why the English edition of the book is “Mix It Up”.

Mix It Up by Herve Tullet

“Mix It Up” / “Couleurs” by Herve Tullet

a lot of the English books called “Colors” are more about identifying colors. but this book is not just about identifying colors but about mixing primary colors to create secondary colors.

Hervé Tullet’s has a wonderful way writing style that makes this subject come to life. like his other interactive books, Mix It Up lets the child “see” how colors. crw “pretends” to take a dab of one color and a dab of another color to make a new one – and without getting any fingers dirty either (which is great for the parents). the best way to reinforce this learning, of course is to then give the child the actual paints and let them get dirty!


Couleurs by Herve Tullet

Image from herve-tullet.com

author: Hervé Tullet

U.S edition
– title: “Mix It Up
– © Chronicle Books, 2014

Original French edition
– title: “Couleurs
– © Bayard Jeunesse, 2014


the cover of the book in French edition is also different from the English version. i also picked up the French edition of this book and i look forward to letting crw experience this book in original language.

a little bit about France


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