“Who Eats First” / “누가 먼저 먹어야 할까” by Ae-hae YOON

i found this book for Child Reads World when i was browsing Amazon’s children’s books. something about the illustration and the story summary called out to me so i picked it up. i didn’t even notice it had a mathematics component to it. there was just something about how all the animals were looking at the peach that made me feel the book would be good addition to Child Reads World‘s booklist and home library.

“Who Eats First” / “누가 먼저 먹어야 할까” by Ae-hae Yoon and Hae-won Yang

“Who Eats First” / “누가 먼저 먹어야 할까” by Ae-hae Yoon and Hae-won Yang

during our first reading, crw‘s main focus was on the peach. this is not surprising because my little one LOVES food! as i started to read the book, crw would rush me to a section that would talk about the peach – if there was picture of the peach, crw would excitedly point and say “peach! peach! peach!” but if there was no picture of the peach, crw would try to turn the page. i did manage to rush through the book so we did finish the story!

crw was only 1 when we first read the book and the book is intended for a slightly older audience. i didn’t spend much time studying the mathematical lessons in the book (i.e., who’s mouth is bigger, who is taller, etc.). i know we can discuss it in future readings. crw did catch the twist in the story in which the caterpillar outsmarted all of the other animals and jumped into the peach, getting the first bite.

REPUBLIC OF KOREA: Who Eats First - Korean edition

image from Orights.com

author: Ae-hae Yoon
Illustrator: Hae-won Yang

U.S edition
– title: “Who Eats First?”
– © TanTan Publishing Inc., 2015

Original Korean edition
– title: “누가 먼저 먹어야 할까
– © Yeowon Media Co., Ltd., date unknown

it is interesting to see the different cover chosen for the U.S. version vs. the original Korean version – both illustrations from the book. the Korean version looks a little menacing with the animals mouths open wide (scene where the animals were competing to see who has the biggest mouth), vs the image in the U.S. where the animals are all looking at the peach in the center, thinking about how to decide who would eat first.

crw didn’t immediately recognize all of the animals when i pointed to them (the rhino and bunny was harder), perhaps due to the different the style of illustration. i remembered the speakers from the Where the Wild Books event pointed out that sometimes text but also illustration styles differ from country to country so being able to read books from other countries would allow us to broaden our horizons.

a little bit about Republic of Korea


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