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Child Reads World says “こんにちは” / “Kon’nichiwa” / “hello!” to Japan! it is an island located in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by China, Korea, Russia, China and Taiwan. the national language is Japanese. its written form has 3 versions: (1) words written phonetically (Hirugana), (2) words using Chinese characters (Kanji) and (3) words using characters representing “foreign” words (Katakana).

Japan has approximately 128 million people. it was admitted to the United Nations in December 18, 1956. the capital is Tokyo, the flag is white with a red circle and the currency is the Yen. the Kanji characters (日本) making up Japan’s name (Nippon or NiHon) means “sun origin” or often called the “Land of the Rising Sun”.

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JAPAN: Everyone Poops

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i heard this song when i was young and just thought it would be nice to share here.

Hello Baby / こんにちは赤ちゃん (konnichi wa akachan)

konnichiwa akachan anata no egao
konnichiwa akachan anata no nakigoe
sono chiisana te tsuburana hitomi
hajimemashite watashi ga MAMA yo

konnichiwa akachan anata no inochi
konnichiwa akachan anata no mirai ni
kono shiawase ga PAPA no nozomi yo
hajimemashite watashi ga MAMA yo

futari dake no ai no shirushi
sukoyaka ni utsukushiku sodate to inoru

konnichiwa akachan onegai ga aru no
konnichiwa akachan tokidoki wa PAPA to
HORA futari dake no shizukana yoru o
tsukutte hoshii no oyasumi nasai
onegai akachan
oyasumi akachan watashi ga MAMA yo

(English translation)

Hello, my baby’s face
Hello, my baby’s cry
Your tiny hand, your round eyes
It’s nice to meet you, I’m your mama!

Hello, my baby, to your life
Hello, my baby, to your future
Papa wished for this happiness
It’s nice to meet you, I’m your mama!

As a symbol of our love,
I pray To bring you up healthy and beautiful

Hello, my baby! I have a request
Hello, my baby! Sometimes, Daddy and I You see,
we want you to make a quiet night
Just for us so good night
Please, my baby
Good night, my baby! I’m Mommy!


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